Painted forests in Bandavgarh

As I began blogging , I had never imagined i would share  a section on paintings and artworks.

Am into chapter two and have still not reached the BANDAVGARH TIGER RESERVE. So many stories to tell….

However  Nature and   ‘The Almighty’ have their own ways.

All the paintings depicted are photographs taken at the Samode Safari Lodge . I hope they are still there.

Am sharing them with you as they reveal stories of wildlife and nature in flamboyant colour and incredible detail. They depict the story of  INCREDIBLE INDIA perfectly.

The wall paintings are done by “GOND” aritsts , ( tribals from Central India who inhabit forests )  and  have a unique and discernible  style .Do you recognize it?

The three that follow are fabulous wall paintings I spotted in the washroom of our cottage suite .

wall painting of a tiger
wall painting of a leopard and a bird on a tree
Stripes of a tiger
birds and trees
birds and trees

The main theme of the “GOND” artists are the  flora and fauna  of the   forests they inhabit. Hence very dear to me.

Do see the featured image of about 30 paintings each depicting the fauna of the forests of the area.

The other artist I discovered , was at the Spa of the Lodge.

A gorgeous painting of Lord Hanuman ( the monkey God  ) adorns the wall at the entrance to the spa. If you wish to see more details  can email  pictures with a high resolution as well. Do ask.

The beautiful  baskets on the table are  made by village folk and collected from different parts of the country.

The forest and Hanuman
The forest and Hanuman

The  artist  is from the South of India and depicts stories of Hindu mythology. I had seen some of his spectacular paintings in Delhi and thus recognized his unique signature.

The details in the paintings unveil  stories from the Ramayan ( an epic) related to magical beings which inhabit the oceans , fruit bearing trees and life restoring plants . Followers of movies like  Harry Potter and AVATAR will relate immediately to these  magical creatures and plants.

Thus when you travel with me,  not only will  you see the unusual  but will also be enthralled with stories from Ancient India  .


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