Lord Ganesh or the Elephant headed God is the first God to be worshiped as he is the remover of obstacles. The featured image was photographed on the mountainside of this magical drive.

Nature and it's Rock Gardens
Nature and it’s Rock Gardens

As we travel by road to Nashik, the beautiful countryside opens up like a flower blossoming.Do read Chapter 1 of this series on my blog:

the magic of nature
the magic of nature

It is extremely fertile land and its like driving through a fruit orchard and vegetable garden closely entwined.

The drive is in large measure through the Western Ghats which had me bedazzled.

rolling fields as we descend from the ghats
rolling fields as we descend from the ghats

It is possible to have an amazing feast from the land. I am left ogling as we drive past  various fruit and vegetable farms .

I spotted this fish farm with a peacock ( do spot it on the left in the open grounds)  dancing in the drizzle as we approached the valley.

fish farm and peacock
fish farm and peacock

The western ghats are the catchment zones  for many rivers one of which I photographed with a lovely bridge across it.

river with a bridge across

The monsoons have been bountiful and the countryside reflects its best in a coat of green.

sheep as fellow travelers

I had still not recovered from the sight of seeing Pomegranates when I spotted these   fabulous farms of tomatoes.

Am compelled  to add on a  Chapter 3 of this magical drive. So remain with me as the magic unfolds its wings.

tomatoes till as far as the eye can see
a closer  look at juicy tomatoes
a closer look at juicy tomatoes

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