We are off to the vineyards of PAUSE wines  located near Nashik to take part in a wine tasting festival/ event.The vineyards are located ( as are most famous Indian  vineyards)  near a village town called Dindori .( 15 kms from Nashik)

It’s my first trip ever to a Vineyard and a Winery in India.Thus was  bubbling ( pun intended)  with excitement.

there are vineyards all the way
there are vineyards all along the way

Travelling by road enables you to discover so much more than other modes of travel.This trip was no different and we were in for many wonderful and scary  surprises.Do see the mynah bird to the left of the buffalo.

Indian water buffalo beckons
Indian water buffalo beckons

The closest translation of  the Hindi word ” Vetal “  I can think of is “Vampire”.

Folklore mentions that Vampires or Vetals hand upside down ( like bats) on the branches of large Ficus ( Banyan, Peepul  etc.)  trees and possess travelers if they stay overnight under the tree.This tree does look very eerie? What do you say?

abode of vampires
abode of vampires

It was not a figment of my imagination as the board reads ( I translate) ” Holy Abode of the Vampire Baba “.

the board clearly states it's the abode of a vampire baba
the board clearly states it’s the abode of a vampire baba

The driver stepped on the accelerator as he declined to stop the car at this spot.

I barely managed to photograph these fellow travelers who were rushing to the vineyards and away from the “abode of vampires”.


We decided to stop and  have a chilled glass of Chenin ( white wine)  paired with delicious roasted ” papads” and peanuts.The papads are made of a millet called Jowar and thus gluten free and very healthy.


Somras is the name for the drink of the Gods , we mortals call it Wine.

The head is a bit cloudy now as the one glass turned into many glasses of wine. Thus this  posting ends for now  and we will continue in a merrier mood.

Vineyards and Vegetables need to wait.

Capsicum Annum
Capsicum Annum

The featured image is the flower of a vegetable called Capsicum/ Bell pepper/ Paprika .More on it in Chapter 2.


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