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Monsoons are a wonderful time to visit the region around Nashik, home to  majority of  the Wine makers of India. The lush green scenic valleys, mountains  and countryside are a sight to behold.

We are at the top of the mountain which is home to  the Pause Vineyards.

Vineyards in India

Vineyards of Pause Wines

vineyards drape the mountains

Vineyards drape the mountains

A gentle cool breeze , natural beauty and a glass of the finest Wine from Pause Wines: what more can you ask for? Hema this is the land for you.

The picture that follows was specially  taken with you in mind.This is the Pause Vineyard , 25 kms from Dindori.

Sauvigan Blanc, my friends favourite

Sauvignon Blanc, my friend Hema’s  favourite

The grapes for wine are relatively smaller than the grapes cultivated for consumption as fruits. They are marked and segregated based on the type of wine they would be used to make.

close look

close look

small grapes for wine making

small grapes for wine…

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