While I write this blog I am relishing and reliving each moment of the trip to Gujarat.

After several trips to this state , am convinced that the women of this state have unparalleled skills.Its vibrancy rests on the pillars of WOMEN POWER.

Its the Women of Gujarat who would sweep you off your feet . So keep your eyes peeled  for the most amazing and graceful women of this vibrant state of India.

The little red fruits on the ladies work table ( “thela”  in Hindi) caught my eye first. They  turned out to be valuable  clues in enabling me to catch glimpses of the working women of Gujarat.

Red dates and Mangoes
Red fruits and Mangoes

All the photographs have been taken as we traveled within  the Saurasthra region of this state.

This lady is roasting peanuts and selling these mysterious fruits outside a gorgeous Mahadev temple ( not in this picture ) near Ahmedabad.

the red dates attract me
the red dates attract me

These mysterious fruits guide me to these lovely ladies. The way the saree is draped is unique to Gujarat.

red dates and a meeting
red dates and a meeting

Snacks ( called Farsan) are a must for all in Gujarat. This little kiosk is selling a sweet called Jalebis( stacked on the right in the picture below) and other “snakes” .( the unique local accent transforms snacks to snakes)

snacks or snakes
snacks or snakes

Charming Momma in a beautiful and  colourful saree  is making delicious  Jalebis ( made from lentils )  and is happy to look at the camera in the eye.

Momma and Jalebis under construction

Adding to the joy of road travel within India and the colour of the women’s clothes is this amazing out of the box transport machine called JUGAAD.


Observe the gorgeous Pinks and unique sense of dress as these women head to work on this trailer attached to a tractor.

off to work
off to work

The grace and sense of balance even in the busy streets of India is a sight to behold. The utensils have interesting shapes and will vary from each region of India.

perfect balancing acts
perfect balancing acts

You see women at work in the fields , on the streets and even on boats.

singing on a baot
singing on a boat

This elderly lady is wearing a unique attire worn by a certain sect or tribe of women in Saurasthra. (southern region of Gujarat) They usually  wear a lot of silver  jewellery, have backless blouses and have the most amazing tattoos.

unique to gujarat
Black and Red unique to Gujarat

Spirited and full of energy, this bull had met its match in the lady Matador.

Do observe the expressions of the women in the background.( more on this in another blog)

woman matador
Lady  Matador

Any questions or comments , feel free to write to me.



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