It is almost thirty years since I first traveled to Japan.

Had never heard of Sushi  , let alone any other Japanese food type.

How the world has changed, Japanese restaurants have mushroomed in my hometown of New Delhi. Sushi has become a mainstay of all buffets in  fancy hotels  and a must like for all  socialites ( read Page 3) . I have even seen Sushi bars in the malls. Is the day far when they are available along with momos at every street cafe ?

Now in Sakura, New Delhi  celebrating “Kanto Matsuri” , the pole lantern festival .


The  Red Lanterns and colour red seem to be the main theme of this restaurant serving Japanese cuisine, located on the first floor  within the Metropolitan Hotel  , New Delhi.

seating inside
seating inside

A well stocked bar with the sea food prominently displayed on the counter.

We were however the ‘only foreigners’ in this restaurant, all the tables were occupied by Japanese guests.

the bar
the bar

An introduction to the festival of lanterns and the menu( by the talented chefs ) for the evening  was placed on every table.

lantern festival
              pole lantern festival

A unique feature in many parts of the Far East including Japan is  the display of “faux food”. Thus  only for looking, not eating .

decorative food
                               decorative food

Sea Food is a cornerstone  of Japanese cuisine . The various types are displayed in the  restaurant .

                       octopus( centre) 

salmon ( peach coloured) is on the extreme right.

sea food

The vegetarian and non vegetarian menus.I kept a careful watch so as not to miss a course.

veg menu

Non Veg menu
                  Non Veg menu

I love Edamame beans.The tofu ( extreme left)  was super soft and simply melted away in the mouth. Japanese momos ( Yaki Gyoza) are in the centre.

edame beans momos
            edamame beans and  momos

Can any food be complete without drinks ? Beer seemed to very popular amongst all the guests.

mixologist not mysoginist
              mixologist not misogynist

The sauce with the salad was fantastic.


Sushi has become the chic food now.

sushi in progress
             sushi in progress

The Miso soup was a surprise  add-on by the chef . It was not listed on the printed menu.

Japanese cuisine is always aesthetically presented and looks like a piece of art.

miso soup plus sushi
                miso soup plus sushi

The tempura.( similar to  the Indian pakoras)  Did the faux tempura look better? Please do comment.

                               Yasai Tempura

Hot noodle soup or Shoyu Ramen.

final course of noodles
                   final course : noodle soup  

I was ready to burst. Skipped the ice cream and the tea as well.But you can have it.

Sayonara. Leave you with more of the colour Red.( picture is straight off the camera, no filters, no editing)

More lanterns
                More lanterns


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