Gurgaon is  rapidly developing into a major FOOD DESTINATION.

I share with you some happy and memorable moments spent at a new 24 hour coffee shop in the vicinity of Delhi.

The G cafe at The Crown Plaza Hotel, Gurgaon has adorned  new clothes .

Have a look at the New  ultra chic urbane look of THE G CAFE.

G Cafe
G Cafe

The cheese and salad ( and soup and… )  counter at the entrance is stunning.

Cheese and salad Bar
Cheese and Salad Bar

A beautifully laid out spread of cheese. Each type of cheese has the country of Origin marked as well.


The G cafe has an impressive live counter serving Sushi and Tepanyaki. Japanese Cuisine  has definetly arrived in India.

Tepanyaki and Sushi Bar
Tepanyaki and Sushi Bar

Tantalizing Sea Food including Lobsters and Tiger Prawns  are preserved on ice.

Sea Food
Sea Food

The restaurant is very spacious and spread over two levels.

It also has a lovely open air area in the midst of water bodies.

The restaurant
The restaurant

You can watch these magicians ,the Chefs,  at work. The cafe has many live counters too.

Observe the goose, sorry chicken, being cooked.

Open Kitchen
Open Kitchen

Beautifully laid out Spicy Red Indian Section.

Spicy Indian Spread

The salads and deserts are laid out in a similar manner , in an  open refrigerated shelf.


I have been to the Crown Plaza Hotel several years ago. All I can is what a TRANSFORMATION. A new destination has emerged in Gurgaon.

The chefs are subtly sending a message with Onions adorning the Pasta Coiffure. Residents of Delhi need no further prompting.


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