The splendour of colours in India contributes significantly  to making it Incredible.

As Green is closest to my heart, all that I see turns Green.

Pictures were taken in and around  Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

The background is green as well.

Green Hanuman


The apartments in the background dwarf the Green Church.

Millions travel to Tirupati ( abode of Lord Venkateshwar) but how many have even noticed this lovely Church ?

Please  translate what is written in Telugu? Mr. Google is not helping.

A Green Church
                                                                                      A Green Church

Spotted on the way to the airport at Tirupati .

Nandiji   takes shelter under a tree.

Green Temple
                                                                               Green Temple

I hope the message of GREEN is loud and clear.


3 thoughts on “THE GODS WEAR GREEN

      1. Afrika Bohemian

        I love Hanuman, my friend over at the Hindu Society says he is a god of courage she always laughs and says “I always say to myself, if Hanuman can do it so can I.”


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