The Crafts Museum located on Bhairon Marg, New Delhi  ( opposite the Old Fort) is a fascinating  place .

The location itself is steeped in History and goes back to 1500 BC.

( Indraprastha)

The road is named after the ancient Bhairav ( Bhairon Road)   temple located diagonally opposite to The Crafts Museum.

Do visit it and enjoy the aroma of alcohol . ( I will  tell you no more)


Crafts Musuem

These massive terracotta   Laughing Horses come from BANKURA , Bishnupur district, West Bengal.

If you delve deep and study the ancient practices of DHARMA THAKUR ( a religious cult  predating Hinduism) , you will come across folklores of Horses being sacrificed for fertility.

Very few know of the tales behind these beautiful sculptures crafted from clay.

Laugh along
Laugh along

The old fort across the road tells of stories of the Rise and Fall of Kingdoms.

It also overlooks the sprawling ZOOLOGICAL PARK OF DELHI.



Unknown to many, a sound and light show is held daily in the premises of THE OLD FORT .


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