The City Palace, Udaipur is definitely the most Romantic and Gorgeous Palace  I have seen during my travels across 6 continents.

Located on the banks of  LAKE PICHOLA , UDAIPUR  it rises majestically  from the  ghats of the lake.

One magical evening  inside the palace and I witnessed it  transforming  into A PALACE OF GOLD.

The City Palace is the venue of a wonderful Sound and Light show every evening.

A fabulous museum within this complex of Palaces  takes you back in time to 746 A.D.

The first lights
                                                                                    The first lights

A the sun sets over Udaipur, lights are turned on in sequence in the Palace.

The City Palace as it is called now is an amalgamation of many palaces, two of which are 5 Star hotels. Built over the years in sections it goes back to the 16th Century.

The current ruling family of Mewar ( Udaipur) resides within the palace even today.

The Zenana Mahal
The Zenana Mahal

The Palace of the Queens  or the Zenana Mahal  is the highest residential area  of the palace and home to a lovely garden as well.

slowly the lights come on in sequence
                                                               Closser look at  The Zenana Mahal

The gradual transformation of the palace is now visible  as the setting sun  lingers over the horizon. A golden glow emanates from within the palace .

Have a look.

the lights create magic

The lights create magic

The  Tripoli gate ( Three Gates)  was built in 1725 and is the entry into the flamboyant  palace from the busy streets of the  Jagdish Temple via the Bada Pol.

the sun has set and the lights are on
                                                            The lights keep the darkness at bay

It is a breathtaking moment as within seconds and  right before your eyes the entire PALACE changes into a PALACE OF GOLD  .

Do observe the changing colour of the sky as the sun sets and the effect the  lights have on the CITY PALACE.

the transformation is complete
                                                               The transformation is complete

Pictures are Straight off the Camera.


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