I had written about The Crafts Museum, New Delhi in an earlier article titled THE LAUGHING GIANTS.( check it out please)

I rediscovered a  multipurpose utensil here that  I have been familiar with from my childhood. I have however  never even given it a thought.

The Lota ( pronounced LO as in low and TA as in task) is a beautiful utensil designed in India thousands of years ago.

The Spherical base provides it stability , whereas the slender neck enables the human hand to firmly grip it.

It now lends its name to an aesthetically designed  restaurant and boutique located within the Crafts Museum Complex.

the common entrance
the  entrance

Historians claim the Ancient Indians  were  inspired from the fruit  THE  MELON, while designing the LOTA.

This unique, practical  and beautiful vessel is used for storing water, milk and even ghee.It is an integral part of every home in India.

Water stored in a copper Lota is recommended in Ayurveda for imparting immunity to the body.

Used in Yoga with a spout and for religious ceremonies  by both Hindus and Muslims , the Lota can be found in an Indian home at the Altar ,the Kitchen and the Bathroom.

Primarily used for transferring liquids it can be made of clay, ceramic, metal or even wood.

the lota
the lota

The lovely screen at the  entrance  has  the name “CAFE LOTA” carved in stone.

Currently  an  ugly notice scars the aesthetics of this beautiful screen.

Carved in Stone
Carved in Stone

Lota  written in Devnagri Script ( Hindi)  forms the backdrop of the reception.

Do see the glass Jars containing Anis ( saunf in Hindi)  and Jaggery ( Gur in Hind)  in the foreground. Try them after a meal in India.

Lota in Mirrors
Embedded in Mirrors

The restaurant is built around the trees .

eat around trees
Space  around trees

Abutting the large and Interesting boutique  by the name LOTA , the restaurant was full on Sunday Afternoon.

trees lanterns and mirror work
trees lanterns and mirror work

We had a quick glance at the Interesting  Menu but were unable to savour the dishes. Maybe another day, another time.

Lota the restaurant
Lota the restaurant

There are numerous phrases  in Indian Languages inspired by this simple but elegant LOTA.

( Lutia doob gayee, meaning you are sunk is one example in Hindi.)

I was thrilled as I had canned another blog in my head.


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