The Gateway of India was completed in 1924 and was conceived to welcome King George V to India in 1911.Located in the extremely fascinating Colaba ( Apollo Bunder)  area of Mumbai, it is also the point where you can take a ferry to the historical Elephanta Caves.   ( 300 BC)

It was also the year that New Delhi On Raisina Hill became the capital of British India. It is even today the Capital of the Republic of India.

gateway of india
Gateway of India

I have  read many blogs/ articles of visitors to Mumbai. Most comment about a visit to the Gateway of India, but none mention the lovely buildings that surround it.Many even stay in the Taj Mahal Hotel but do not even take a walk around the hotel premises.

This lovely heritage building goes back to the mid 19th century and was originally the Royal Yachting Club.

It is in all probability the oldest building on the waterfront.

atomic research centre
Current Atomic Research Centre and  erstwhile Yacht Club

The magnificent Gothic style  Yacht Club as viewed today is probably made from the same Basalt stone as the Gateway of India.

It is even today an exclusive, all members Club only.

Alas , my cousin Vivek  let his opportunity to be a member  go by.

yacht club
Current Yacht Club alongwith the  new Taj building  making the backdrop

The Gateway of India is squeezed in between the  two buildings of the Taj Mahal Hotel. ( do not mix with the seventh wonder of the world TheTaj Mahal in Agra). This was also the site of a terrible terrorist attack on 26th November 2008 which lasted for three days.

 the taj                     The Taj new and old with the Gateway of India in the Centre.

Buildings reveal the history of the land. A walk of 10 minutes around the Gateway of India will take you through hundreds of  years of history of Mumbai.

Mumbai is today the financial capital of India and probably the most populated city in the World.

Pictures were taken from my  mobile and a Nikon DSLR. Can you guess which picture taken by which device?


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