The Himalayas are all about experiencing the Joy of Nature. When man adapts and moulds himself to nature the Joy is enhanced manifold.

A perfectly organized trail by the nature loving staff of the JW MARRIOTT Walnut Grove Spa Resort ,Mussoorie to a CORN VILLAGE  located in the Himalayas was just that, a memorable experience.

The trip beautifully integrated an experience of the local Gharwali way of life with the thrill of a joyful ride on a motorcycle .

The  extremely  skilled driver on  a Royal Enfield bike enabled me to  have an uninterrupted and breathtaking  360 degree view of the enchanting  landscape.

Royal Enfields are the mode of transport

Royal Enfields are a great mode of transport in the Hills

It was indeed wonderful to go on a motorcycle as the fresh and cool  mountain air  rustles up your hair and massages the face as well.

Corn ( or Maize)  is the third most important crop after rice and wheat  in the hills and forms the staple diet of the  village folk as well.

The Gharwalis ( as the locals are called)  over the ages have perfected the art of drying the corn within their homes.

September to  October is the time for harvesting Corn ( Scientific name: Zea mays) in the Hills of Mussoorie, Uttrakhand and thus the perfect time to visit  Bhatoli the CORN Village.

An enchanting view of the stepped farms of the Hills.Can you spot the Corn on the roof?

Himalayan Village of Corn
Himalayan Village of Corn

Homes in the hills have been traditionally made of Wood. The sturdy  though now endangered Himalayan White Oak ( Quercus leucotrichophora)  covers most of these Hills and has been a source of timber for generations.

This traditional carved wooden  door welcomes us to the  quaint village of CORN.

a 100 year old beckons

A 100-year-old wooden door  old beckons

The first  stunning view of corn bunched up and hung upside down leaves me gazing in awe.It stunned my camera too which simply stopped working thereafter.

The heritage  wooden home in the centre is  now gradually being replaced by brick and concrete homes.

old home made of wood
An ancient wooden home decorated with corn

As I  walk through this Organic and incredibly clean village I realize why it is called the CORN VILLAGE.

corn dries out
Corn dries out

Colourful sunbathing Quilts give the Corn company  in this house adorned by two dish antennas.


Sunbathing Quilts

While wooden homes have been replaced by brick and mortar ( pucca homes as they are called in Hindi) , some traditions like drying the corn, thankfully  remain.

Do notice the spotless alleys.

new homes

new homes

Another breathtaking view of a house with corn hung from the roof and the hills in the background.

the side of the large house
Drying corns forms a beautiful trim of the roof

A far distance from its Mexican Origins , Corn has overrun this house in the scenic village of Bhatoli.

engulfed by corn
engulfed by corn

Signing off as I sit down for a typical Gharwali lunch and Chapatis ( Indian Bread) made of Corn flour.

A marvelous trail planned to perfection by Prateek and Vaidehi of JW Marriott Walnut Grove Resort & Spa, Mussoorie. The bike ride was a steal.

A wonderful outreach by the luxurious Hotel  to the friendly and hospitable villagers who spread out a welcome feast.

Hope you have read the earlier posts ( THE SECRET TRAP and THE MUSHROOM TRAIL) , all part of the WALNUT TRAIL.

Be not impatient friends, the Walnuts will follow as well. Keep following.


6 thoughts on “THE VILLAGE OF CORN

  1. They are all so beautiful, one of my dream Himalayas… But will never be real. I loved this old wooden door. We have something like that in Anatolia too. They are all now so precious and antique… And also, corns… it is same in Anatolian village, to see them to dry like that… So beautiful. You really captured amazing colours. Thank you, love, nia

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  2. In the picture of the alley, what are the structures that sit upon the stones to the left? I’m drawn in by the form, but having a hard time grasping what I am seeing. Is it firewood? The shapes seem subtly surreal.

    Liked by 1 person

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