Showcasing   Incredible India is  this wonderful painting by MF Hussain  located in the lobby of the The LALIT at New Delhi.

The Lalit at New Delhi is now a treasure trove of Art. Every nook and corner is a photographers delight .

The intelligent choice of  colours , animals and objects reflects the diversity of this ancient land. White elephants , Orange Tigers, men in  saffron and  green reflect a very intense and intelligent mind.

MF Hussain is probably one of the most celebrated ( and prized too)  artists of Modern India .

A close and piece meal analysis shows  precisely why?

Do observe the tiger has eyes, but the men do not. The headgear and colour of the men reveal their religious beliefs.

Religious diversity

Religious diversity

The left  corner of the painting has a discrete signature of the artist ( see above) , whereas the bottom right depicts a Naga tribal from the  North-Eastern lands of India.

                                                                       The Horn Bill headgear?

Shakti or Woman power in the form of Maa Durga is portrayed on her vehicle The Tiger.

The  Devi Durga  is  painted a lovely blue representing her consort Lord Shiva. The three heads (symbolizing the three worlds or The Universe) are also representative of THE TRINITY of the Hindu pantheon.

Durga Maa

Maa Durga rides a Tiger

The History of India unfolds on this colourful and bright canvas.

Raani ki Jhansi ( Queen of Jhansi)  with her infant on the extreme right rides an armoured elephant  , the British Soldier in black and the Marathas in Pink  and telltale headgear, tell the story of the Freedom Movement in 1857.

MF Hussain at THE LALIT

Understanding  MF Hussain at THE LALIT

It is for me one of the masterpieces of this highly prized Artist . As I see more of the painting I discover details I had missed in the view before.

If you have a chance turn your head upwards  as you approach the reception of the Hotel. You will be spellbound too.

Do revert with your  comments and  interpretations.


8 thoughts on “COLOURFUL INDIA

  1. I get the feeling that one could stare into this work for a full day and still miss many details. While following along with your interpretation, I thought of the poverty of American culture and pondered the conceptual American equivalent of this masterpiece. But I quickly realized that there can be no true American equivalent, for it would be a single vengeant deity Uncle Sam wielding a deadly cross bejeweled in dollars, soiled with the blood of native cultures, who, had they not been vanquished would have given American culture something roughly as beautiful and diverse as the Indian pantheon presented here. The American equivalent is a trail of tears.

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    1. Thank you for your comments.You have captured my thoughts precisely. Yes one can view this masterpiece for a longtime soaking in all the details. All countries have their share of tears and joy. Do not feel so pensive.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well said, India is extremely diverse . Makes it fascinating indeed. Have started viewing the country only after crossing the age of 50. I feel America is very flexible too.


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