The JW Marriott at Mussoorie laid out one the most fabulous breakfasts I have experienced in a very long time.

I would like to state at the outset that this blog is NOT commissioned by anyone and is written like all my posts of my own freewill. I share joyful memories and this was one such wonderful experience.

As part of their  One Year Celebrations they organized a memorable breakfast experience in the Lap of Nature.

Starting from the JW Marriott Walnut Grove Resort & Spa, Mussoorie was organized  a small refreshing trek to a Himalayan mountain stream.

The Griffon at the entrance of the Resort invites us for a delightful adventure.

the griffon
The Griffon is the mascot of the Marriott group of Hotels

Impeccably organized with walking sticks for everyone we had to walk down this valley to the river .

It was a glorious day and the walk down to the stream though steep was very exciting.

                                       The  river winds its way through the mountains

The  fabulous venue was a mountain stream in a desolate Himalayan valley .

The first breathtaking view of a beautifully laid out table within the stream had me gasping for air.

It was after all an awesome view. Have a look.

the layout first look
                                           The dining area set  in the midst of the river

The dining tables and chairs were set within the rivulet and the trees formed a perfect natural  canopy .

We were to literally have breakfast  in the Lap of Nature.

in the midst
Magical setting

The sunlight filters through the leaves and reflects off the gurgling waters of the mountain stream.The trees had stretched their arms out as they arched over the cool waters of the river.

The team  of JW Marriott led by their F& B Manager Prateek  had created a magical breakfast destination.

Bravo to them all for visualizing and executing a dream destination for breakfast.

gurgling mountain stream
                                                                  The gurgling waters of the river.

The layout was fabulous as you can see for yourself in the picture that follows.

It was a feast for the Kings. The Chef had arranged a banquet in the midst of this delightful mountain stream.

the fabulous layout
                                                   The fabulous layout

Jeremiah had rolled up his jeans to his knees to negotiate the path from the banks of the river to the dining tables in its midst.

a close look with jeremiah
                                                             A closer look at the Inviting table.

The ladies take their seats and a lovely breakfast unfolds.

The most memorable and unusual dish was the piping hot Garwhali Paratha

( freshly made Indian bread ) with black masoor  daal ( a lentil) as a filling.

Do check it out when you stay at this property.

ladies take a seat
                                 Ladies take a seat and cool their heels in the chilly mountain stream

I look up at the mountains around us and see one of the waiters make his way all the way to the top of the Hill . What an effort for the entire staff, hats off to them.

The team at JW Marriott had surpassed themselves . The labour of love was evident in every detail from selection of the venue to the delicious food they served.

looking up
                                                                               Looking up

Sharing this Joyful experience through this blog  has made me relive the entire experience once again.

Thank you to all at the JW MARRIOTT.



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