Jamini Roy ( 1887 – 1972)  is a widely acclaimed painter and his works adorn the walls of many a museum across the globe.

I do not intend to heap mountains of data you can access from the net but share some  personal observations.

I thought I will share these wonderful  pictures I spotted at THE CRAYON ART GALLERY at THE CLARIDGES in New Delhi.

His simplistic and unique style make him one of my favourite Indian artists.

The distinctive large almond shaped eyes of the subjects are a signature style of Shri Jamini Roy.

Two cats share a prawn in this unusual painting of non human subjects.

Sharing a Prawn

Sharing a Prawn

Clear lines and blocks of colour make the paintings come to life.

The graceful  proportions and curves  provide charm  and beauty to this lady.

The photograph does little justice to the colours of this wonderful painting.

Do notice the eyeballs are missing in this painting.

The lady is sitting in the garden holding a typical Indian utensil the LOTA (do  check my blog on this )

graceful lady
                                                                          Graceful lady

This is my favourite of the three on account of the distinctive details of the three  dholak ( Indian  drum) players.

At first glance they look almost identical.

However a repeated look will show they not only wear differently coloured dhotis ( A traditional Indian dress)  but also have distinctive complexions and hairstyles.

3 drummers
                                                                                          3 drummers

His beautiful signature ( bottom right)  in the lovely Bengali script accentuate the beauty of the painting manifold.

The simple and unique depiction of Indian Life through his paintings makes  the works of Shri Jamini Roy extremely valuable.

For me they are a joy to behold whenever I get the chance to see them.I share this happiness with you through this blog.


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