Pushkar is a whisker of a town in the colourful state of Rajasthan in India.

The famous annual  Pushkar Fair brings with it an unmatched  explosion of colour and visual delights.I could not put down my camera for a second as I traversed the narrow streets.

(do watch out for blogs that follow and do check out for the charming ways of Nature)

I was surprised to spot two unusual  works of street art in the slender lanes of this fascinating town located around a Lake.

Lord Ganesha painted on a wall enroute to THE OLD RANGJI Temple.( the spire forms the backdrop) . The featured image is a close up of this Street Painting.

street with ganeshaji

Another painting above a faucet forms the wall of a small shop selling decorative articles.

street with turban man
A typical Rajasthani Gentleman

A closer look reveals the mind of the artist/turbaned gentleman.

turbaned man
The entire world resides on his large Turban

Watch out for blogs to follow that will reveal the flamboyant and colourful turbans worn by the men of this amazing state.




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