Pushkar is a tiny town near the city of Ajmer in the state of Rajasthan in North-West India.

Steeped in legend it a Holy City and home to the only temple devoted to the Creator of the Universe, Lord Brahma.

One week during the month of Kartik ( usually November) and the town is bursting at its seams as devotees flock in thousands in an unparalleled expression of Faith.

the bridge over the lake

The bridge or dam at one end of the Pushkar lake

Prayers are offered to the Gods and a dip in the Holy waters during this time is supposed to wash away the sins of the past.

Devotees throng all   52 Ghats ( the steps leading to the lake) of Pushkar turning them into a riot of colour.

the colours of the ghats
The colours at the Ghats

The intense devotion and Faith can only be experienced if you are at Pushkar during the annual  Pushkar Fair.

The Old throng the Ghats to take a dip in the lake and attain salvation.

bathing at changing at the ghats
Changing after a dip in the Holy Lake

A trip to Pushkar is a feast both for the eyes and the soul.

Be logged on as the Magic of Pushkar is unveiled.

Pushkar is accessible from Delhi and Jaipur by Road and Train ( upto Ajmer which is 11 km away) . Both Delhi and Jaipur have International Airports.



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