The Camel plus Cattle Fair at Pushkar is a magnificent representation of Rural Rajasthan .

Colours, religious fervour and the predominant agricultural way of life are showcased beautifully in this annual festival.

As Rural India pours into Pushkar during the month of Kartik , so do International visitors from across the Globe come to witness this marvelous spectacle unfold.

Ferris Wheels are part of the Celebration of Life at Pushkar.

A stall selling agricultural implements in the foreground of a Giant Wheel.

the ferris wheel during the day

The Ferris Wheel during the day

You could hardly recognize the Ferris wheel at night as lights dominate the landscape.The caption below is the translation from the signboard.

mahalaxmi mega trade fair
Mahalaxmi Mega Trade Fair

Could be a scene from Encounters of the Third Kind.

ferris wheel at night
Dazzling Lights of the Giant Wheels

The Charming Fair at Pushkar does not permit you to rest your camera for even a second.

The amazing visual sights will overpower your senses relentlessly.

Keep a watch out as I share the explosion of Colour and Joy through these blogs.


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