The explosion of Colours at Pushkar is hard to capture through the lens of a Camera held by a mere mortal.

Selecting only one  colour, Saffron,  I open a small window to the amazing and Colourful  World of Pushkar. 

( Pushkar is a tiny town in the state of Rajasthan in India)

Do observe all the pictures carefully, they speak volumes. I have intentionally held back any explanations and comments.


Saffron Hard Rock cafe
Saffron Marigold
saffron turbans
Saffron Turbans and more


Back Side
Saffron Drapes

Do share your observations and I shall reveal a tale behind each picture.

Have a blast.



8 thoughts on “SAFFRON

  1. Odia

    Hi Mr Chand. I love to look at orange coloured anything and those male turbans and women’s drapes are very beautiful. I think the first pic is of a festival and the middle and last ones of a religious ceremony. Please tell me the stories..

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    1. The first picture is one section of A lovely Spiritual Procession . All have been garlanded with orange Marigolds. The young man has a peacock feather in his turba, Watch the Boards in the background of a HARD ROCK CAFE. I must have taken hundreds of pictures as I accompanied these Sadhus and was covered in Rose petals intended for them.


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