Two kittens find comfort in the lap of a Sadhu in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India. ( featured Image) .

Sadhus  usually renounce the world, adorn saffron clothes and are in many ways similar to Monks.

They are fascinating in many ways and a treat for photographers.

under the arch

Under the Arch

Seen through the doorway these Sadhus concentrate on an intense debate under the  Divine Tree ( do check out my blog bearing this title in my post .

The Trishul ( three pointed metal staff directly under the tree) and the Drum symbolize Lord Shiva.

Sadhus through a doorway
Under the Divine Tree

Narayan ( see the billboard in the background)  is a synonym for God in Hindi.

This  Colourful Dancing  Sadhu adorns a string of Skulls and balances himself on his toes.

He adopts the Cosmic dancing posture of Lord Shiva who is symbolized by the the drum and trishul ( directly above his head) .

Saffron Dance
Dance of Joy

All the pictures have been taken by me in Pushkar in order to celebrate the many facets of LIFE.


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