The featured image is from An Enchanting Spiritual Carnival held in Pushkar.

The  musical festival SACRED was unveiled for the first time during the Camel Fair .

Photographs that follow are faces in red  from different walks of Life in the city of Pushkar.

The lady  in the red veil is making Chapatis ( Indian Bread) over a traditional coal fired Chullah ( oven).

Red Viel
Revealed or Under a Veil

Animals and flora  are woven seamlessly into the day to day life at Pushkar . The faces are red without the application of  Rouge.

rhesus macaque

The Rhesus Macaque Monkey sits on the Ghats of Pushkar

A  bedecked dancer has her ( or maybe his)  makeup checked up by a colleague.

Here many splashes of Rouge create the Red Face.

All Red
All Red

Our guide and escort during the Heritage walk ( part of THE SACRED festival at Pushkar) is caught Red faced by the camera.

The shop in the background is selling the famous and delicious Kachoris ( a salty stuffed snack)  of Rajasthan.

Natural Rouge

As I have mentioned in the blogs preceding this, Pushkar does not permit you to put down your Camera even for a second.

If you do so, an exciting moment would have passed undocumented.



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