The beautifully painted  doorway and  numerous ARCHWAYS lead to the outer courtyard of the  OLD RANGJI temple at Pushkar.

The main doorway and multiple arches
The main doorways and the archways of time

People come and go through these ancient arches of time . Each archway is symbolic and you must cross each one of them to reach the Lord.

The lady in florescent Orange adorns three symbols of a married woman a Bindi ( on the forehead) , a Mangalsutra (a necklace of gold and beads)  and bangles.

Through the arches of time
Multiple archways built over the centuries

The final archway frames the  sanctum sanctorum . You can glimpse the brass flagstaff through the doorway as musicians sing in praise of the Lord under the final arch.

A beautiful larger than life statue of Lord Vishnu  inside the temple depicts him lying on a multi headed serpent afloat the Ocean of Time. ( Hinduism is steeped in symbolism)

through the final arch
View of the temple under the final Arch

The Old Rangji Temple in the heart of Pushkar City is an old temple dedicated to Lord Krishna the 8th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Built primarily in the Deccan style of Architecture it has been influenced  by  Rajasthan as well.

The wall around the  inner courtyard has numerous sculptures and paintings which depict ancient myths and  fascinating tales from the scriptures.

the final gate to the sanctum sanctorum
The doorway to the Inner courtyard

Do observe the three symbols above the doorway. You will see them repeatedly at Temples devoted to Lord Vishnu.

The picture is of a wall painting above the arch photographed in the Featured Image.

Shank Chakra Tilak

Chakra Tilak Shank

Leaving you with these auspicious symbols about which I will write in a blog at a later date.





10 thoughts on “ARCHWAYS OF TIME

  1. It’s wonderful to have you as a tour guide to show us the artistry, beauty and spirituality of India. The pictures aren’t displaying for me, but I know they’re a perfect accompaniment to your woven words.

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    1. Thank you for your lovely words. Anytime in India, let me know will be happy to assist. Maybe pics will open up on a computer if you are seeing the blog from mobile. Am sorry not an IT guy.


      1. Yes, your suggestions as to the possible cause were a help to me. However, your stories can stand by the strength of either aspect: visual or text. Neither detracts, but each add. A good thing to think about in appeals to an individual with a lack of either of such of these physical senses. 🙂

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