Mandor is today a tiny township located about 9 kms from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.

Strategically cradled between rocky mountains it was once the capital of  the mighty Kingdom of Marwar in the 6th century.

The Mandor Gardens which houses numerous monuments from the past is a delightful destination for any traveller.

the mandore cenotaphs
Mandor Gardens

Ruins of a Fort still adorn the hill to remind us of an era long gone.

The featured image  is of the magnificent Cenotaph or Deval dedicated to Maharaja Ajit Singh and was built in the 18th Century.

This blog is focused on the  stone sculptures of animals that adorn the temple like  Deval  ( Cenotaph) of Maharaja Ajit Singh of Marwar.

Stone sculptures adorn the exterior of the Deval in a systematic and well thought out manner. Crocodiles adorn the base and double up as Rain water spouts as well.


crocodiles form the base level
The Crocodiles form the base

Elephants are placed at the edge of every corner as if to guard the departed from Intruders.

They represent the second tier of defense and are placed at one level above the crocodiles.

The elephants

The tigers( or lions)  are placed at the highest level of the Cenotaphs and are given due respect as they protect the departed souls of the Kings.

Tigers on top
Tigers on top

This hierarchy of animals is replicated in temples representing the wonder of Ancient Indian architecture across the Indian subcontinent.

Mandor  was known as Mandavyapur in the times of the Ramayan ( 1500-2500 BC) and was the fabled home to the Queen of Ravan, Mandodri.


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