Nestled in the palm of Rocky mountains is a conglomerate of beautiful Memorials, forts , temples and a Museum  called Mandor.

sleepy mandor
Mandor Station today

A mere 9 kms from Jodhpur, Rajasthan  lies Magnificent Mandor.

This sleepy village-town was once the capital of the powerful Rajputana Kingdom of Marwar before it shifted to Jodhpur in the 15th century.

rocks of the past
Remnants of the Past

The majority of the fabulous buildings are located within the Mandore Gardens. The Lotus waterways dissecting the Gardens were beautiful as the flowers were blooming in various colours of white, pink and blue.

Bees can be seen seeking the sweet nectar of the flowers and waterbirds look for fish which hide under the large plate-like leaves of the lotus.

waterways of lotuses
Waterways adorned with Flowers dissect the Mandore Gardens.

The  spectacular memorials/cenotaphs or Devals ( in the local Language) are a tribute to the brave Rajput Kings who ruled over this once rich and prosperous land.

The typical sloping arches are a signature feature of Rajput architecture.

cenotaph 3
The memorials of a glorious past

This well preserved and magnificent Cenotaph made from Red Sandstone resembles a temple and exhibits a gorgeously decorated  central spire.

towering memorials
Towering Cenotaphs

The interiors and temple like memorial follows the ancient Indian principles of “Vaastu” which keeps in mind the five elements of Nature.

The Winter Sun permeates every niche and corner of the decorated interiors eliminating the need of artificial lights.


inside view of the deval
Beautiful Interiors

The glorious past of the region is truly and well represented in Mandor.

The featured image is a stone  sculpture of one of the several Hindu Gods that adorn and protect the Deval of Maharaja Ajit Singh ( do see the previous blog for details)

Fortunately better sense prevailed and we did not give it a miss despite being constrained for time as we rushed to Osian and beyond.





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