The beautiful and majestic Nazarbagh is nestled in the midst of Glorious fields of Gold and Silver.( do check out THE GOLDEN FIELDS and WHITE FIELDS at

A marvelous box of  treasure laden with Natural Beauty would describe Nazarbagh perfectly.

This Natural abundance is truly  experienced through the eyes of Birds. ( do read the previous blog titled FOR YOUR EYES ONLY)

Do observe the floral motifs and the trellis on the Red Sandstone Fence the Sparrow has posted itself upon. The Tree in the background gives it the surreal wings of a Peacock.

sparrow speaks
House Sparrow on the Floral Fence of the Terrace

Can you spot the little bird atop the turret of the Chattri ( canopy)  which overlooks the green horizons ?

birds view
The Highest Post

A tinge of red marks the Bougainvillea growing along the boundaries of Nazarbagh.

A Rock Pigeon takes shelter from the  Eyes of Predators that  rule the skies.

the pigeon on  the ramparts
Bird’s View

The marvelous polished marble floors of the Palace double up as a mirror for the Pigeon to gaze at it’s self.

the pigeons nazar
Narcissistic Reflections


Bask in the Glory of Nature at Nazarbagh next time you are in vicinity of Jaipur, Rajasthan.


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