All the pictures showcase transformed Traditional Indian Articles or Symbols.

A visit to the India Design Fair held at Okhla , New Delhi showcased a bit of Traditional India in new robes. ( do check out my previous blog titled EYE)

These Lovely kettles in Copper  retain the the shape and look of a Tea Kettle you could spot on every Roadside in India. Keep your eyes peeled ?

copper kettles
Transforming Traditional Kettles

The Bed or Khattiya ( in Hindi) is a must in every Rural Home and Highway Dhaba in most parts of India.

A traditional bed with a colourful Carper Design

The Hookah is used to smoke Tobacco and is an accent in the setting below to highlight the Rural Origins of the Colourful Transformed  Khattiya .

with hookah
Rural India’s tryst with Urban India

These Ceramic Containers called Amritbaan  ( in Hindi) were once a Must in every Home in India. They are primarily used to store Pickles and we still use them in my Home as well.


Traditional Containers for Pickles

On your travels look for Interesting shapes and articles you  find Unique to this amazing part of the Planet we call India.


6 thoughts on “INDIAN DESIGN

  1. I loved them all, we have miniature copper tea set in the Black Sea region, I love these kind of things. And the carpet colours are amazing. But colours are great in India. For a long time there were Indian skirts and blouse in my wardrope. Thank you, love, nia

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  2. You are welcome dear Mukul, our countries I mean Turkey and India have been always in a good relationships, there is a long historical connection too. Indian handcrafts and as I mentioned, textile art and their colours and the style of painting them are so nice. When I was in UK for my language education, I met at first time with Indian fashion and there were some of boutiques that I loved to shop there, I bought so many things from there. I wish(ed) to be in India and shop from the origin too… Once again Thank you dear Mukul, have a nice day, love, nia

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