The Frozen Ice on the Bucket Chairs outside the CHARMING LEH AIRPORT ( please do check a previous blog thus titled for continuity) were a clear Sign of the sub zero temperatures in Leh, Ladakh during the Winters.

Barren Hills and Poplar Trees overlook a Ladhaki Home adorned with fluttering Buddhist Prayer Flags.

The Rays of the Sun at an high altitude are Welcoming and  Intense as they keep you warm and comfortable.

home and hills
A Home in Leh, Ladakh

Thick layers of Grass are stacked on rooftops so that the Homes remain warm once the Sun Sets and temperatures dip to minus twenty or thirty degrees centigrade during the winters in Ladakh.


grass on roofs
Grass acts as a Bio Insulater

The Cows in the region are small and of  have a dense fur to keep them warm. The Magpie glistens in the Sun and finds food amongst  Heaps of Snow.

Picture was taken outside the entrance to our Hotel Mahey Retreat in Leh, Ladakh, Jammu& Kashmir, India.

Mud Packed stone walls are a great ecological alternative to Cement and Bricks.

snow and cows
Snow, MagPie and Cow

A Quiet peaceful alley lined with Snow is the Hallmark of Leh during the Winters.


snow on alley
A quiet alley lined with Snow

Remain aboard as I keep unraveling the telltale Signs captured by the camera at the Charming Leh Airport.


8 thoughts on “FROZEN

  1. Magpie and cow, so lovely… and dried grass as a insulator… But I hope you will talk about hotel and the cold weather, how hit you, and how it was especially during night,…etc. you can guess how excited I am for learning hearing all details 🙂 Thank you, love, nia

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    1. Thank you Nia. The key factor was the High Altitude and we had to save ourselves from Getting High Altitude Mountain Sickness. For this I took a medicine morning and evening a day befor I left Delhi. The first day I stayed in the Hotel taking pics from Room and Hotel. The Room was very well heated so that was no issue. Only problem I faced was getting breathless while climbing up. It was cold but I was well clad and the room was warm.During the day you could sit out in the Sun as well.

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