Am just piecing  together this work of METAL ART.

Parts of motorcycles have been welded and then colored to create this AVATAR of THE COW.

Hope many will comment ( moo)  and give their views on this installation at THE METROPOLITAN HOTEL, NEW DELHI.

Lucky its not leaking oil.

rear section
         rear section

Can you make out what it is?

mid section
                  mid section

Creativity or Recycling?

red head
                                 Red Head

The full picture.

all together
                                   all together


The King Cobra under the thumb, literally.

The King and his tiny basket
                   The King and his tiny basket

Do notice the tattoo , the ring and the thumb which enforces the KING COBRA to live in a small, very small basket.

Literally under the thumb
                          THE HAND OF…?

Do notice the chipped nail and the coins under the King.

chipped nail as the king leaves his mark
           chipped nail as the King leaves his mark

THE KING and his now drastically reduced Kingdom, THE BASKET.

the basket is now the Kindgdom
The basket is all that is left of his Kingdom

A closer look at the MAN behind the hand which  keeps the King in a basket.

the snakeman?
The Snakeman?

He will open the basket , then push the basket and even whistle to get the attention of potential donors and the KING.

a push and a whistle to arouse the King
a push and a whistle to arouse the King

The pictures were taken during the Mahakumbh in Allahabad .

My life now
My life now

The King now lives in this basket under the thumb of the hand.

Have kept all doors open for comments and views and intentionally skipped any personal views.  Please discuss.

Do revert and comment with views/ comments/opinions?