The beautiful and majestic Nazarbagh is nestled in the midst of Glorious fields of Gold and Silver.( do check out THE GOLDEN FIELDS and WHITE FIELDS at

A marvelous box of  treasure laden with Natural Beauty would describe Nazarbagh perfectly.

This Natural abundance is truly  experienced through the eyes of Birds. ( do read the previous blog titled FOR YOUR EYES ONLY)

Do observe the floral motifs and the trellis on the Red Sandstone Fence the Sparrow has posted itself upon. The Tree in the background gives it the surreal wings of a Peacock.

sparrow speaks
House Sparrow on the Floral Fence of the Terrace

Can you spot the little bird atop the turret of the Chattri ( canopy)  which overlooks the green horizons ?

birds view
The Highest Post

A tinge of red marks the Bougainvillea growing along the boundaries of Nazarbagh.

A Rock Pigeon takes shelter from the  Eyes of Predators that  rule the skies.

the pigeon on  the ramparts
Bird’s View

The marvelous polished marble floors of the Palace double up as a mirror for the Pigeon to gaze at it’s self.

the pigeons nazar
Narcissistic Reflections


Bask in the Glory of Nature at Nazarbagh next time you are in vicinity of Jaipur, Rajasthan.


Treat yourselves to this secretive getaway  NAZAR BAGH near Jaipur.

A view of Nature FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.

The write up will be updated in a while. All Good things take time, so hold your breath as I will unveil this treasure in the midst of Rajasthan, India.

Nazarbagh is located in the pristine rural countryside of Rajasthan about 5.5 kms  off the Jaipur-Ajmer Highway at Jaisinghpura.

It is strongly recommended to walk the  the last mile if you wish to be soaked in the Enchanting countryside that encompasses this discretely located Palace.

The picture below reveals the unique  lansdscape of the region with interesting Shrubs and biodiversity unique to the arid lands of Rajasthan.

glimpse of nazarbagh
Through the eyes of Sheep and Goats

Luxurious and plush Nazarbagh is unveiled  through Trees and the bounty of Nature that surround this Palace.

A lovely Lily ( commonly and incorrectly refered to as  Lotus)  Pond surrounded by Flower beds ( do see the blog titled ICE DAISY at and Trees far in the Horizon soothe your eyes.

view from the porch

A view through graceful arches at the Porch

For me Nature leaves signs to show if an area ,home or Palace is conducive to human well being.

If Birds , bees and butterflies inhabit a region it indicates that all is in harmony with Nature. Nazarbagh gets a big approval as it is located in the lap of Nature.

See the picture below which reveals a Bird’s Nest seen from the amazing marbled Verandahs of the Palace.

trees throught the archways

A Birds Nest

The lovely Rooftops with the typical signature  Chatris ( literal translation is an Umbrella) reveal two contrasting countrysides.

One is Green till as far as the Nazar ( eyes) goes and showcases Golden Fields ( do read the blog at and Carpets of White Flowers ( Calendulas)


fields on the left
Fields of Flowers and a Solitary Leafless Kejri Tree

As you shift your Glance  you will be fascinated by an arid and parched land along with an ancient River Bed which would have been the Original Landscape prior to the Introduction of Water through modern Irrigation methods.

The Flora and Fauna in both both the Green and Brown Lands would be interesting to compare and detail.

I did hear the  tell tale bird calls of the Partridges ( English), Teetar ( Hindi)  or Grey francolins ( Scientific Name) at Nazarbagh.

a river dried up
An ancient river bed and arid brown lands

As we descend from the Rooftops adorned by Chattris and walk around the Sprawling Green Periphery of the Palace am spellbound by the Avenue of  Neem  ( Scientific Name Azadirachta Indica) trees.

Neem is an endemic tree native to India which works as a natural Bio filter of Air as well besides having numerous Germicide properties.

neem lined avenues
Neem Lined Avenues

Nazarbagh Palace was a wonderful date with Nature , away  from the crowds that thronged the Jaipur Literature Festival at Jaipur.


The  Jaipur Literature Festival ( JLF) is a wonderful combination of Art ,Culture and Literature.

Held annually in January at the historical Diggi Palace it is a fantastic meeting point of Literary minds from across the World.

Jaipur is undergoing a change and this was evident from the  Pop Art AutoRisckshaws or Tuk Tuks on display at the entrance to the JLF.

auto black and white
Black and White Alphabets

Reflecting the Fauna ,Flora and daily life of the colourful state of Rajasthan, the Autos are  shedding  their mundane Black and Yellow robes they have donned for decades.

Do notice the Policemen in their Khakhi Uniforms inside the Tuk Tuks.

auto with elephant
Colourful Elephants and Khakhi

A front view labels these “Artistic Autos” as works of CARTISTS.

For readers who cannot read the Devnagiri Script in Red on Top I translate, it reads “The Car of S.V.P.S” . SVPS is the acronym for the name of the owner or the driver.

auto and red elephants
Front View of The Elephant Auto

In most parts of India the shortened “Auto” means an AutoRickshaw or Tuk Tuk.

The phrase Tuk Tuk is not commonly used in India  to refer to the AutoRickshaws.

In evolving Jaipur ( also called Pink City), do see the background in the picture below , the walls are Pink, there is now an Online service called “JUGNU “to book these Artistic Autos. 

So next time you are in Jaipur, download the “App” and book your “Jugnu”. Jugnu incidentally is the Hindi name for a Firefly.

auto with camels and cows
Cows and Camels adorn this Tuk Tuk or AutoRickshaw

I hope you enjoyed the Artistic Tuk Tuk as much as I did in observing them across the Pink City.



A Cocktail of History Literature and Fun: Jaipur Literature Festival

Am sharing with you  and writing about one of the most “delightful  annual events” .

It has for several years become an intrinsic part of my itinerary: 5 days in January every year are “reserved exclusively”  for the Jaipur Literature Festival.

I prefer to travel by car as it permits me to discover,explore and  eat at the dhabhas (wayside restaurants) . .Flexibility of time and no restrictions on packing are  additional benefits that accrue.

With flyovers being completed the ride is smooth
With flyovers being completed the ride is smooth

The weather is superb in January , making it one of the times to visit historical and colourful Jaipur (5 hours &  250 kms from Delhi) . Hold onto your seats, we are going to have  a blast.

Braethe the air countryside, mustard flowers in bloom
Breathe in the countryside; mustard flowers in bloom

Had I gone by train or by air, would have missed the stop at the gas station and thus the lovely monument in the background. While i filled in gas in the car, my friends ducked in for a coffee break.

Do spot the bird perched right on top.
Do spot the bird perched right on top.

For places to stay in Jaipur, you can be spoilt for choice.From large hotel chains to Palaces and Havelis you have it all.

I choose a small peaceful get away from the frenzy of the city. A quaint little home run by an adorable carefree lady.

room under the neem tree
room under the neem tree
In calm surroundings
In calm surroundings

If you love horses you are in for a surprise treat .As you sip your bed tea.  they can be seen frolicking across the rear wall of the house. Watching them roll in the sand was delightful.

the wall 7 o,clock is the wall of the home I stay in
the wall 7 o,clock is the rear wall of the home stay

Clock  towers are an ” intrinsic heritage” of most towns/cities of India. If you locate them you can be sure you are close to the heart of the town as well.

I spotted the majestic  clock tower at Jaipur  while driving to the Diggi Palace , venue of the happening Jaipur Literature Festival ( JLF)

TIP look for the clock tower in Indian towns
TIP look out for the clock tower in Indian towns

The historical Diggi Palace is located at the end of a narrow lane and runs as a family managed hotel round the year.

Main entry gate of Diggi palace
Main entry gate of Diggi palace
Lord Ganesha denotes a good start
Lord Ganesha denotes a good start

The graceful owners of the venue welcome you in their colourful and  beautiful best.

looking for birds i notice a wonderful canopy of embroidered umbrella
looking for birds i notice a wonderful canopy of embroidered umbrella

Do not miss the scrumptious “masala  peanuts” ( seen in a basket;  bottom left of the picture) which is paired perfectly with masala tea served in earthen cups.

These are some of the flavours which make the JLF a unique and delightful event.

The colour and beauty of Rajasthan is overpowering
The colour and beauty of Rajasthan is overpowering
Mark the turbans and traditional attire
Mark the turbans and traditional attire

The Literary Festival is a wonderful place to witness Books come to Life as the authors talk about their experiences, debate various issues and answer your queries. Its a wonderful place to interact with hundreds of authors from across the world who are so easily accessible.

Book launch at the JLF
Book launch at the JLF

There are multiple venues and many events unfold simultaneously, thus it is best to make a plan before you arrive at the venue.

Whats his plan??
Whats his plan??
 Char bagh
Char bagh

A talk at the  Durbar Hall was my inspiration  for travelling to the Mahakumbh ( held only once in 12 years) . What will inspire you?

Do visit when a literary session is not in progress
DURBAR HALL :Do visit when a literary session is not in progress

The story of the Vijayanagar empire and the ruins of Hampi remains my personal favorite.

The story of HAMPI being told through slides
The story of HAMPI being told through slides
Jumping with Joy at BAITHAK
Jumping with Joy at BAITHAK

Shopping, Drinking, Eating & Music are naturally woven into the festival. The festival starts and ends with Music.

The morning session
The morning session

My friend Babar takes the  FUN  route, flirting and shopping ( in order of priority)

Any guesses what's he upto?
Any guesses what’s he upto?
Grapes,wine and ...
Grapes,wine and …
fringe benefits
fringe benefits

Do plan your trips now. To have an amazing fun filled Coccktail, TRAVEL WITH ME.

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