Street Art is increasingly playing a vital role in reeling out social messages.

While you travel within India keep a sharp eye for Graffiti and Street Art, I would even  do a Street Art Tour.

The series of artworks that follow were captured near the Middle Circle of Connaught Place in New Delhi.

They reflect the ever changing landscapes, paradoxes and social reality of  a metropolis weighed down by old baggage and striving  to be a Smart Modern  City.

Women and their place in any  social system is often a great indicator of the state of a society, system and civilization.

This picture shows the skyscrapers in the background,youngsters leaving the metro with backpacks and in sharp contrast a semi clad vagabond on the extreme right.

In the centre is the colourful street art of a women speaking of violence sitting on a Tiger. She represents the Women  ruling the Middle World, Earth.

There are many elements in this picture, so do give it more than a passing look.

Please share your thoughts as well.

Women Rule the Earth

Women Rule the Middle Kingdom,  Earth

The following picture symbolizes that women rule the Seas as well, The Nether Worlds.

Do observe the change in attire and skin colour when compared to the first picture. The body language of the Woman is noteworthy as well.

The rundown brick wall and the bill board marked Internet on the left , reflect the change brought about by this Installation of Art.

                                                                                  Ruler of The Nether World

The last in the series is the largest and what caught my eye first in the short walk from the Metro Station to Cha bar.

Here the Woman Ruler of The Skies is represented by a Thumbelina look alike  Girl .

She soars above a passerby on an Eagle with quite an EYE.


Soaring above

Do comment and share your thoughts. It could be the Forum of am interesting  debate.


These colourful sculptures caught my eye outside  the newly launched G cafe at Crown Plaza Hotel In Gurgaon.

Made by artists from Israel, they have been selected by  charming PRAGATI.

These attractive and colourful sculptures surprised me and caught my attention  as I was about to step into  the coffee shop.

As my posts are about joyful  treasures ,I thought this fits the bill.

Do you even need to Guess
                                                         Do you even need to Guess

The charming owner of THE BRUNO  ART GALLERY at Ambawatta One quickly came up to me as I was clicking away at these very interesting sculptures.

Were the Fish in Tango listening ? Fish in Colour                                                      Fish in Colour

I found the explosion of colours bringing a smile to my face as I looked at EVE with the apple.

Was she saying Mirror , Mirror on the Wall…….


Had Charlie Chaplin  already eaten?

What did he Eat?
                                What did he Eat?

I am posting this blog as I recall very  happy moments spent with Pragati.

The colours are a photographers dream and bring immense JOY with them.

I leave the aesthetics and beauty for you to comment upon.